Michael Douglas is on the road to recovery

Michael Douglas has been snapped looking tanned and happy on a family holiday to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary with Catherine Zeta-Jones.

In a blue polo shirt, Michael, 66, who is being treated for throat cancer, looks a different man to the gaunt, frail figure pictured earlier this month.

Michael and Catherine, 41 – who married on 18 November 2000 – pose with their children Dylan, 10 and Carys, 7, and Minnie and Mickey Mouse at Disney World in Florida

‘The fact that he is gaining weight means that he is likely in the recovery stage,’ says medical expert Dr Kent Holtorf.

‘The extra pounds have smoothed out some of the wrinkles
so he is looking younger and healthier.’

The encouraging news comes less than a week after Michael‘s acting legend father Kirk Douglas, 94, revealed that his son was feeling ‘feisty’ again and regaining his appetite.

Michael revealed he was suffering from throat cancer back in August, but insisted he was ‘very optimistic’ he would beat it.

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