It's actually really sweet

Michael Hassini and Lewis Bloor haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. In fact, they’ve normally been at each other’s throats, but Mike has given the Celebrity Big Brother a surprising message while he’s in the house: ‘good luck.’

The TOWIE hunks have been feuding for awhile, especially after Mike tried it on with Lewis’ ex-girlfriend, Nicole Bass.

But it seems they’ve buried the hatchet. Talking to OK! Magazine, he said: ‘Me and Lewis have had our fair share of fallouts over the years – we go way back me and Lewis, we were through all that since we were real young. But it’s good to see someone from Essex doing well.’


Marnie and Lewis have been getting WAY too close [Channel 5]


He adds: ‘And even though you’d had your fallouts, just draw a line in the sand. I’m happy when people do well – especially when they come from the same area as me, and I know them, and just fingers crossed he continues the that he’s going.’

After Mike flirted with Nicole, Lewis told his then-co-star to ‘keep away you f***ing greasy little p***k’ then added ‘slippery geezer’. Nice.

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But we’re not sure that’s how Ricky Rayment would feel about the whole situation, considering how close Lewis has been getting with Marnie Simpson. In fact, the former TOWIE star think the pair already hooked up outside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Still, it’s good to see the Essex boys making up!

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