Backstage demands include a bucket of the Colonel's finest

He’s booked every room of a five star hotel for his London stay, but when it comes to food Michael Jackson doesn’t have such expensive tastes.

The star, 48, who’s due to perform at the World Music Awards at Earls Court tonight, has requested KFC to keep his energy levels up.

A source told The Daily Mirror: ‘Stars backstage have demanded £20,000 of foie gras, sushi, very nice red and white wine and the finest champagne.

‘But Jacko wants KFC. He got flunkies to go there the other day and was impressed they got his huge order within three minutes, so he wants some fried chicken again tonight.’

Michael’s frugal approach to dining out makes a change from his other mammoth demands.

He’s reportedly cost show organisers £250,000 with his insistence on having hair and make up artists, a private jet and business class plane tickets.