TV presenter wants to go out with a bang

Much-loved TV host Michael Parkinson, 72, is determined for his chat show series to end on a high.

He’s reported to have asked Victoria Beckham to appear on his final programme next year as his special guest.

‘Parky wanted his last show to go out with a bang,’ reveals a source.

It was on the veteran TV presenter’s sofa in 2001 that Victoria admitted she calls David Goldenballs, so Michael’s hoping for some more juicy quotes.

Posh, 33, is said to be really excited by the prospect – and intends to turn up with Geri, Emma and the two Mels.

‘Victoria is keen and promised to get her band mates on,’ the source tells the Sun.

‘It would be broadcast when the five are on their world tour so it would be in the middle of Spice fever.’

Alison Adey