Doctors warn seriously-ill film director that amputation could be only hope of survival

Michael Winner has been told that amputation of his diseased leg may be the only way to save his life.

But the film director – who was struck by a mystery illness recently while on holiday in Barbados – has told doctors: I would rather die than have it cut off.’

He was last night said to be ‘very, very, sick’ in intensive care at the London hospital in Harley Street.

His PA Rose Bryan confirmed that his life was in danger. She told the Daily Mirror: ‘He is not very well. Very ill in fact.’

The 71-year-old initially told friends his condition was caused by a reaction to a fever he developed in Barbados.

‘I had the most dreadful reaction,’ he said, ‘and I came out in enormous blood blisters on my left leg. They covered the entire inside of it and each was 5in long. Then they all burst and I was rushed to hospital, sirens blazing.’