Director has had plenty of conquests

Michael Winner, 72, reckons he’s slept with around 130 women.

His first sexual encounter was with a rabbi’s daughter from Golder’s Green.

‘I was about 18, a very slow starter,’ he admits.

The Death Wish director has never married but remains close to scores of his old flames, despite being engaged to Geraldine Lynton-Edward, 67.

‘They’re very good friends,’ he says. ‘Some of them are not well off and some of them are very ill. I spend a lot of money, hundreds of thousands a year….looking after them.

‘I take them out – Geraldine’s quite reasonable.’

She tolerates all the other ladies in her man’s life but because he snores, his fiancée sleeps in her own room, while Michael shares his bedroom with 96 teddy bears.

‘I am still a loner,’ he tells Weekend magazine. ‘There’s no question about that.’

Liana Vickery