These stars aren’t making it easy on themselves to get bikini-hot!

She’s quit London for a new career as a fitness trainer in Dublin with businessman fiancé Hugh Hanley, 31.

But sources close to former Liberty X singer Michelle Heaton, 30, say the newly size 6 star is determined to lose even more weight and has become fanatical about her training and eating habits.

‘The only person Michelle has a blow-out for is her mate Jordan,’ a source tells Now. ‘And even then she drinks champagne because it’s lower in calories. Other than that her diet is incredibly healthy.’

After battling with her weight for 10 years, friends say Michelle‘s not about to lose the body she’s longed for, despite admitting that she’s desperate to start a family with Hugh.

‘She works out every day,’ says our source. ‘She was miserable when she was a size 12, so we can’t help but wonder how she’d cope with the way her body would change with a pregnancy.

Hugh adores her whatever size she is, but since she was on Popstars in 2001 this is the happiest she’s ever been with her body. No one can imagine her giving it all up for a baby when she’s worked so hard to get it.’