Liberty X star is relaxed about weight

Michelle Heaton isn’t in a hurry to get her pre-baby body back.

The singer – who had son Aaron Jay, 5 months, and daughter Faith, 2, by C-section – doesn’t let outside pressure get to her these days.

And following a preventative double mastectomy in late 2012 after discovering she carried the BRCA2 gene, which gave her an 85% chance of developing breast cancer, Michelle‘s become much more content.

‘It’s more that I’m not bothered what other people think of my body,’ says Michelle, 35, who’s married to Irish businessman Hugh Hanley.

‘I’ve got scars because of what’s happened and I don’t think my tummy will ever be flat again.

‘But I unless I wear a bikini no one will see it apart from my husband, and he’s great with it.

‘My baby belly is still there and will be for a little while, but I like my arms. I’ve resumed the tone in them, they’ve got good muscle memory.’

Michelle, who revealed last week she is to undergo a full hysterectomy – removing her womb and ovaries through her Caesarean scar – in a bid to prevent ovarian cancer, admits that looking great all of the time isn’t a very realistic goal.

‘I was always training and being healthy for me but when you’re suddenly not in that same great shape, that’s when it bothers other people and they start to criticise,’ the mum-of-two says.

‘Being in amazing shape isn’t attainable all year round.

‘People get themselves in that shape for a photoshoot or a particular occasion – that’s how it was with me.’

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