The former Liberty X singer put on a stone and a half after her wedding

Michelle Heaton’s the first to admit that she’ll never be happy with her looks, but the singer says it’s a fact of life.

‘I’m one of those people who’ll always think: “I wish I could’ve lost those extra three pounds.” When I got married, I was just under 9st,’ the 28-year-old tells Now.

‘Then I put on about a stone and half. I’m under 9st now, but I go up and down, like anyone else.

‘There’s isn’t one bit of me that I really hate, but then there isn’t one bit that I really love. I don’t mind my eyes, but I’ll never be content. We all feel like that.’

‘Women have always been tough on themselves. We compare ourselves to other girls – not just who’s in the papers, but also those around us. Yet the only person you really should compete with is yourself.’

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