Michelle Heaton talks lover's tiffs, naughty jokes and BFF Katie Price

TV presenter and fitness expert Michelle Heaton is one inspirational woman. Having had a double mastectomy in 2012 after finding out she has the gene that increases her risk of breast cancer, last year she also endured a full hysterectomy. Despite this Michelle, 35, is a doting mum to her children Faith, three, and one-year-old Aaron, with husband Hugh Hanley, 36. Here she tells Now about letting the cameras into her home for ITVBe’s Seven Days With…

What was it like having cameras in your house for a week?

It was really full-on. They got the true portrayal of me and Hugh as a couple.

Was Hugh nervous?

He was, yes!

How did he deal with the nerves?

[Laughs] I made him! He’s so supportive of everything we do and he understands this is part of my business. It was a good opportunity to show people that I’m not just a reality star.

We miss the Liberty X days!

Yeah I know, me too, me too! I miss being on stage so much.

Did your BFF Katie Price give you any advice before filming?
I didn’t really ask her. I told her I was doing it and she thought it was a good idea.

What was the most embarrassing moment?

I definitely made a few naughty jokes that I could’ve possibly refrained from. In the heat of the moment I think I said a couple of raunchy things like: ‘Let’s go to bed!’ Afterwards I was like: ‘That’s not like me!’

Were you worried about your children being filmed?

I know Faith’s only three and a half but she’s very vocal and very confident in front of the camera. If she showed any awkwardness or unwillingness there’d be no way I’d do it.

Did you and Hugh have any arguments on camera?

Not really ­ it’s usually me telling him off and him just listening! I definitely told him off for not doing the dishes.

Any emotional moments?

I went to film a YouTube video of my workout and realised I couldn’t fully do it properly as my hysterectomy was still healing. I got a bit upset so we had to work around that. There are definitely a few teary moments.

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