Bridesmaid Jordan heckles the best man as he spills the beans on Andy Scott-Lee

With Jordan as bridesmaid it was never going to be a quiet affair, but Michelle Heaton’s marriage to Andy Scott-Lee was by all accounts a lively event.

The Liberty X star, 26, exchanged vows with her long-term boyfriend, Andy, also 26, at a Hertfordshire country estate on Friday in front of friends, family and fellow bandmates.

The happy couple sobbed as they exchanged vows and posed for pics before settling down for dinner. And after tucking into smoked salmon, lamb cutlets, apple pie and ice cream, everything was going swimmingly.

But according to The Daily Mirror, Michelle was stony-faced as Andy’s best man started talking about sex and the groom’s past conquests in near-biological detail.

And things apparently got worse after Jordan started heckling and whooping during the saucier bits. One guest said: ‘It was excruciating. The speech was bad enough with no one laughing. Jordan then started shouting ‘Oi, oi’ at the more crude parts. Michelle looked close to tears.’