Throwback Thursday just turned up a notch when singer Michelle Heaton shared snaps of her old school reports.

She uploaded a series of images detailing the comments she received from teachers about her performance at school and academic ability.

Michelle, who was singer in band Liberty-X, had a positive music report. It read, ‘Michelle has natural music ability. She sings well and has a fine sense of pitch and rhythm.’

But the report from her tutor described her as having a “very sharp tongue” and advised her to “resist the temptation to be the constant centre of all gossip”.

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Michelle, who has two children Aaron, five, and Faith, seven, with husband Hugh Hanley, captioned the images, “Omg .. I’ve just found my 7th form report .. they are pretty spot on ..”

In drama Michelle was praised on her “good ideas” but explained that she found “group work difficult as she can be intolerant of others and wants to lead.”

And it looks like Michelle was just like any other youngster when growing up as when it came to Physical Education, it read, “she tires easily” and pointed out she “occasionally” forgot her PE kit.

A keen talker, Michelle was described as someone who had “yet to learn the discipline of not interrupting”.

And fans have rallied round with positivity for Michelle. One wrote, ‘Have to say I think they seem very harsh!! Here’s to turning out so well in spite of these comments.’ Another wrote, ‘Loving the sharp tongue on your tutor’s report’ and a third said, ‘Can be intolerant of others’. Haha. I feel you girl.