The reality star's livid as her ex brands her a 'liar and cheat'

When Michelle Heaton was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, she was confronted with lurid press stories in which ex-husband Andy Scott-Lee branded her ‘a slag’ and ‘a compulsive liar and a cheat’.

Friends say that while Michelle, 28, is determined not to retaliate, she’s ‘devastated’ by the attacks.

‘She’s furious that he’s living off her by selling these stories,’ says our source. ‘She was in floods of tears as she read what he’d said.

Michelle believes Andy was also unfaithful and by attacking her he’s shot himself in the foot. The truth will come out. She told me: “It’s not about the money – I just want people to know the truth..”’

Their divorce is set to be finalised in the next five weeks, with Andy, 28, citing Michelle’s infidelity as the cause. When they first split last May, Andy told newspapers he believed she’d cheated on him with Matt Di Angelo, which both of them denied. He’s since accused her of having had a string of affairs.

Michelle admits that she snogged another man while on holiday in Marbella in 2007, but friends say she believed she and Andy would stay together and have a family.

Now she’s head over heels in love with new man Hugh Hanley, 30, and has denied any feelings for fellow CBB contestant Ben Adams.

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