Could the pitter patter of tiny feet be here sooner than we thought for Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan?

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright‘s lavish wedding day cemented their status as the king and queen of showbiz.

And now the glitz and the glamour is out of the way what’s next for Mark and Michelle? Well according to the couple during a recent interview, naturally, it’s starting a family.

Mark, who comes from a big family confessed: ‘Now I can’t wait to be a dad. Do I want a boy or a girl? I want both – princes and princesses.’

The couple tied the knot on May 24 in bury St Edmonds in front of close friends and family.

And while the memories of the day will forever be etched in both their minds, one thing that stood out for Michelle, 28, was a present given to her on the morning of her wedding day.

She tells Hello!: ‘My favourite gift was a book of letters from everyone I love that my maid of honour put together, which I got on the morning of the wedding.’

With Michelle embarking on her fashion line and acting career and Mark making waves in the presenting world, it seems having children is a few years off, for now.

Mark recently said: ‘In five years’ time, hopefully I’ll be a dad, have an amazing family and continue doing the career I love.’

The couple recently celebrated their one-month wedding anniversary with a romantic date in Cambridge.

Dressed casually in a white t-shirt and denim dungarees, Mark copied the same look as they were pictured enjoying a boat ride and eating a mountain of ice cream.

While they gave each other presents on their wedding day, Mark clearly likes a constant reminder as he’s put a picture of them in their bridal outfits on the back of his smartphone.

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Lucretia Munro