Mark Wright's girl works out to stay in shape

Michelle Keegan likes to indulge every now and then.

The Coronation Street star enjoys her food so she always has little treats alongside healthier things.

‘I never deprive myself of treats,’ says Michelle, 26.

‘A little of what you fancy is fine, I think, and I love food. I make sure I eat a healthy and balanced diet, though.

‘I enjoy takeaways, but I only have them once or twice a fortnight.’

The actress, who recently got engaged to Mark Wright, stays in shape by going to the gym, though she doesn’t always have time.

‘I try to get to the gym three times a week but it depends on how busy I am in work,’ Michelle tells the Mirror.

‘I try to get those three visits out of the way by going early, but sometimes I don’t end up getting there until 8pm.

‘My favourite way of exercising is swimming or doing an hour of cardio mixed up with weights in the gym.’

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