The couple make plans for Essex house

Michelle Keegan has revealed that Mark Wright has a bigger wardrobe than she does.

The Coronation Street star will soon move into a house in Essex with fiancé Mark, 26, so they’re planning to keep their clothes in separate rooms.

‘He’s got a big wardrobe,’ says Michelle, 26.

‘I’m going to have mine in another room. He can have the bedroom and I’ll have a dressing room.

Mark [has more clothes]. But I’ve got more shoes.’

They might have had to compromise on closet space but luckily the couple won’t need to worry about decorating their new home.

‘The house we’ve seen has already got it done, thank God,’ says Michelle.

‘It’s already decorated how we like, so all we need is furniture.

‘[And] just little things, like glasses, cutlery and candles. Homely stuff.’

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