Michelle is looking more like Kim every day

Is it just us or is Michelle Keegan kinda starting to resemble Kim Kardashian?

In fact, we reckon the stunning pair have had similarities for quite a while. Do you remember how Michelle styled herself when she first appeared on Coronation Street in 2008?!

Back then, the 27-year-old regularly donned DIY bouffant locks, hoop earrings and some very girl next door outfits.

We’re talking belted jumpsuits, skintight minis with thigh-high boots, netted skirts, pink ruffles, flowery hair accessories and over-the-top jewellery.

And this is pretty much exactly how Kim, 34, used to dress too!

Yep, as surprising as it sounds, Kim wasn’t QUITE so polished in her pre-Keeping Up With The Kardashians days, when she was still Paris Hilton‘s less-famous BFF.

But after becoming one of the world’s most recognisable faces thanks to her family’s krazy on-screen antics, Kim went through quite a transformation.

She began sporting sleeker ensembles, smoother locks and UH-mazing flawless make-up. Over the past year or so, Michelle has followed in Kim‘s footsteps.

Actually, they’re starting to look so blimmin’ alike you could almost argue she’s morphing into her. Well, there’s worse people to look like, right?

Nowadays, Michelle prefers fashion-forward clothes, blow-dried ‘dos and elegant accessories.

Then there’s her cosmetics. The actress – who left Corrie last year – has perfected dramatic smoky eyes and plumping up her pout with various lipstick shades.

We wonder if she’ll soon visit the salon to emulate Kim‘s new shoulder-length bob?!

The only thing Michelle is missing is Kim‘s, er, sizeable derrière. But with a stunning toned bod like hers, she needn’t worry.

However, she WILL be marrying her fiancé Mark Wright in what’s sure to be a super-glamorous ceremony later this year.

We reckon it’ll be just as romantic as Kim and hubby Kanye West‘s Italian nuptials last year. Come on, have you SEEN both of their huge rocks?!

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