Newlywed Michelle Keegan opens up about her wedding, soulmates and life with Mark Wright

Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright have always come across as one of the most solid couples in celeb land and they pretty much sealed the deal when they tied the knot last month.

So it’s no surprise that fans were keen to ask newlywed Michelle, 28, for relationship advice when she took part in a Twitter Q&A last night – and she gave some brilliantly insightful answers.

When one follower submitted the query: ‘What’s your advice for a healthy happy relationship?’, Michelle responded: ‘Respect eachother 100% xx’

We couldn’t agree more, Mich! The actress – who married Mark, 28, in a lavish ceremony held at St Mary’s Church in Bury St Edmonds on 24 May – was also asked if she believed in soulmates.

Awww, Mrs Wright!

Michelle went on to share some adorable details about the day she married Mark, revealing that her favourite memory from her wedding is of ‘Walking down the aisle. ❤️ xx’. Cute!

The couple must have received tonnes of lovely presents on their special day but Michelle admitted that her favourite gift was a very personal one.

How lovely! Life isn’t all a bed of roses for Mark and Michelle though. The former Coronation Street star cheekily confessed what she finds most annoying about her new hubby!

Bless! Other revelations to come out of the chat include the fact that Michelle’s favourite member of One Direction is Harry Styles, that she’d chose McDonald’s over Nando’s ‘100%’ and that her favourite Disney movie is Beauty And The Beast.

Based on this info we can TOTALLY see ourselves becoming besties with this girl!

When the chat came to an end Michelle hinted that she’d be having a cosy night in with Mark as she admitted that she was off to make her dinner. And if her cheeky confession about her man is anything to go by, we imagine that Mich was the one deciding what they’d be eating!

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