Nude photo scandal hits Hollywood and British stars after iCloud accounts are hacked but is Michelle Keegan one of them?

In what must be their worst nightmare, over 100 celebrities are on a list of nude photos leaked online – including Michelle Keegan!

Pictures that allegedly show Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, Big Bang
Theory’s Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Glee’s Lea Michele have appeared online already.

And a list of women named as alleged victims but whose pictures
have not been published include Michelle Keegan, Cara Delevingne, Cat
, Kelly Brook as well as Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Hilary Duff and
Vanessa Hudgens – who has had naked pictures leaked online in the past!

A spokesman for ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle denied she had been targeted. There’s no evidence that Michelle has been hacked by anyone, and nothing has appeared online to suggest otherwise.

It’s not the first time fake photos of Michelle have been online. In April 2013, a faceless photo of a naked girl showing her boobs in the bath was posted on Michelle‘s Twitter account before being taken down quickly.

Michelle then blamed a friend for the prank tweeting, ‘Phahahahahahahahaha @hmonners I’m gonna absolutely KILL u!!!! I’m CHANGING MY PASSWORD!! #touche u gave as good a u got! 😉

The private photographs, some of which have been seen by Now and range from tame posing in swimsuits at home to full on X rated rudeness, were stolen through Apple’s iCloud and published on 4chan, an anonymous image-sharing forum.

Poor Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed the photos of her are genuine, with her spokesman saying, ‘This is a flagrant violation of privacy. The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.’

Model Kate Upton‘s attorney released a statement saying, ‘This is obviously an outrageous violation of our client Kate Upton’s privacy,’ the statement said. ‘We intend to pursue anyone disseminating or duplicating these illegally obtained images to the fullest extent possible.’

While American actress Mary E. Winstead Tweeted, ‘To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves. Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. Feeling for everyone who got hacked.’

But others have denied the pictures are really them. A spokesman for singer Ariana Grande said the photos that claim to show her are fake. And Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice wrote on Twitter, ‘These so called nudes of me are FAKE people. Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended.*

Be warned! When activated, iCloud automatically stores users’ photos and data online and the accounts were hacked into by guessing the celebs’s personal email address and user name.

So if you want to share saucy pics with your other half, be very careful!

Read Michelle Keegan‘s full interview in this week’s Now magazine dated 1 September 2014 – download the digital edition now!

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