Michelle Keegan on set of Our Girl alongside co-star Luke Pasqualino as filming in Cape Town draws to a close

Michelle Keegan and Luke Pasqualino couldn’t look happier as they are pictured on set of Our Girl.

The 30-year-old actress has been busy filming the third series of the British television drama which has seen her visit multiple locations in recent weeks, including Nepal.

And now filming has finished in Cape Town, as her co-star Luke, who plays Elvis Harte in the series took to Instagram to make the announcement.

Luke posted the cute snap along with the caption: ‘…That’s a WRAP in Cape Town!! Very excited for you guys to see what we’ve done with season 3… watch this space 🙂 @bbcone @michkeegan #ElvisHarte #GeorgieLane’

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Michelle can be seen in full army gear alongside Luke, with whom she shared a steamy on-screen sex scene during an episode in series two of the show, as his arm is draped around her shoulder as she clutches onto his hand wearing a ‘blood-stained’ blue rubber latex glove.

…That's a WRAP in Cape Town!! Very excited for you guys to see what we've done with season 3…watch this space 🙂 @bbcone @michkeegan #ElvisHarte #GeorgieLane

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Of course, Michelle and Luke’s friendship has been the subject of much speculation.

Previous reports claimed that Luke missed the press launch of the show in September in order to avoid any awkwardness following the suggestions that Michelle’s marriage was under strain due to her working relationship with him – although the official reason given for his no-show was ‘work commitments’.

Pictures of the pair cosying up on set when the camera wasn’t rolling also fanned the flames.

Our insider previously told Now: ‘It was hard for Mark – like it would be for any guy sitting at home seeing all the speculation, knowing it is all bogus and not being there with her – and it will undoubtedly be hard for him again when she flies off to film and the rumour mill goes back into overdrive.’

But before fans and her husband Mark Wright get too excited about the brunette beauty returning to Blighty, Michelle reportedly has a two week break before she has to jet back off for more Our Girl filming.