Mich has had some spooky encounters

When it comes to the supernatural people tend to be divided, but Michelle Keegan has proved she’s a believer in all things spooky.

In fact, the Our Girl actress has even opened up about her own ghostly encounter revealing that there was a little girl sleeping next to her in bed.

Yep, you read that right!


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‘I’ve had lots of supernatural experiences, but I always just blame them on my brain playing tricks,’ Michelle confessed.

Adding: ‘About five years ago, I woke up to a little girl lying next to me in my bed and when I reacted to her, she mirrored what I did, my brother’s had a similar experience in that room too, so maybe it wasn’t just me.’

Eeek! Safe to say we’d be looking for a room exchange asap.

In the same interview with Stylist magazine – while on the topic on all things afterlife, obvs – Michelle revealed that when the time comes, she isn’t scared of dying as she thinks of her late grandmother.

‘I’m scared of the pain, but I was really close to my grandma and I feel like if she (went through) it, then I can too,’ Michelle admitted.

But, it seems as though Michelle’s latest role on BBC One’s Our Girl has given her the tools she needs if she needed to save her own or another person’s life, as she recently confessed she had to use her training to help save someone!

She confessed to having to use her first aid skills to help assist someone who was suffering from low blood sugar levels – read all about it here!

Thank god Mich was on hand to help, at least hubby Mark Wright knows he’s always in safe hands, eh!