Michelle Keegan Tweets from her honeymoon to say she doesn't have a Facebook account

Michelle Keegan has taken to Twitter to tell fans that an apparent outburst she made about criticism over her slim figure did NOT come from her.

The 28-year-old actress, who is currently on honeymoon in the Maldives with new hubby Mark Wright, explains the claims were made on a fake Facebook page that does not belong to her.

She Tweeted: ‘I’m NOT on Facebook!!!! X

The Facebook page, claiming to belong to Michelle, was furious about cristicism about her body after Mark posted a bikini picture of her on his Instagram account.

The lengthy rant, which was later deleted, seemed out-of-character for Michelle.

‘Calling me ‘anorexic’ and ‘too skinny’ is just as bad as someone being called ‘fat’ and ‘obese’…,’ ‘Michelle’ wrote.

‘I personally do not believe in dieting (I do try to go to the gym 3 times a week) and think that you should just eat everything in moderation.

‘For example if I have an unhealthy lunch, I’ll have a healthy dinner and vice versa.’

The fictious Michelle added: ‘I think people would be surprised at how much I actually eat!

‘I have a very big appetite I love food too much to diet ‘

And even went so far as to say ‘Michelle’ had happily tucked into plenty of hearty grub in recent days.

‘So for all you people telling me to ‘go eat a burger’.. Believe me I do! I actually had 3 this weekend so thanks for your concern but I’m good ’

The fake outburst comes after Michelle’s proud husband Mark, 28, shared THAT snap of her showcasing her pert bum on their honeymoon in Dubai and spoke of how fab she looked.

‘One of the boys just asked me if I wanted to go golf. My answer…. I’ll stick with my view thanks….. Ladies and gents I give you #mrswright,’ Mark captioned the picture.

The duo are clearly having the time of their lives while on holiday. Earlier this week Mark posted a video of him and Michelle downing shots together and cutely wrote: ‘If I jump she jumps, if she jumps I jump #team #thewrights we start as we mean to go on’

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