Michelle Keegan has issued a fiery response to a Twitter user who accused her of asking a ‘silly question’.


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The actress took to social media to seek advice on how to pacify one of her dogs who was reacting badly to fireworks.

She wrote, ‘Anyone else’s dog terrified of fireworks? Feel so helpless. Any advice?’

But one user didn’t exactly give the response she was looking for. They replied, ‘90% of dogs are, what a silly question to ask Mich.’

Clearly not impressed, Michelle fired back, ‘Well that’s b*****ks cause I have 3 dogs and only 1 reacts badly to them!’

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And, making her point very clear, Mich added, ‘There’s always 1 d*ckhead.’

Luckily Michelle’s other followers were much more helpful with their advice. EastEnders actor Danny Hatchard said, ‘Adaptil pheromone is good, you can get it online. That and just keep the windows and curtains closed and put some chilled music on to help down out the banging x.’

And former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson added, ‘Yes, it’s very sad because they can get so traumatised. I would recommend sleeping with your dog if poss to give them the confort they need & playing some kind of white noise? There are also calming treats you can give them with camomile etc xx.’

We guess the lesson here is don’t mess with Michelle when it comes to her pooches!