'Looks nothing like you!'

Michelle Keegan left fans confused when she took to Instagram to share a red hot selfie.

Michelle Keegan

Credit: Getty

Rocking an edgy leather corset, a seriously glam make up look and a pair of killer silver drop earrings, the former Coronation Street actress smouldered for the camera.

Keegs wasn’t alone in the pic, though. Her adorable pooch Pip made an appearance, being held proudly by the award winning actress.

While loads of Michelle’s fans were preoccupied by her doggy’s cuteness, many claimed that they barely recognised her.


Doesn’t look like you,’ one wrote, while a second added, ‘Look how different she looks?

Blimey this looks nothing like you!!’ chipped in a third.

This comes after Michelle’s followers were left baffled by how gorgeous she looked while grabbing a take away from burger chain McDonald’s.

But while lots were stunned by her beauty, others were disgusted by her order of a fish burger.

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Beside a photo of her clutching two giant bags of fast food in the back of a car, Mich penned, ‘Keep what you love close, and your filet-o-fish even closer 😍.’

Don’t understand people getting fish at maccys?! 😅 Go to a fish and chip shop! Maccys is for burgers or nuggets! 🙈’ one commenter remarked.

Filet-o-Fish? I didn’t think anyone ate those!’ another chipped in.

A third then added, ‘No ones eats fish from McDonald’s …. come onnnnnnnnn😂,’ and another comment read, ‘Used to rate her until I found out she orders fillet o fish at mcds 😂.’