As Michelle Keegan heads out for a work trip she's heartbroken as she's greeted by pet puppy Phebs

We all hate leaving for work in the morning – having to leave our warm and comfy bed and step out into the reality of the cold and harsh outdoors. Ok, so maybe we’re being a LITTLE bit dramatic. Only just a tad though.


But if you thought that was tough enough, then imagine if you were Michelle Keegan and had to leave your oh-so-adorable dachshund as well in the early hours of the morning.

Posting a pic on Instagram, the former Corrie star pouted a sad pout at five in the morning, along with her pet puppy, Phebs.

Captioning the pic: ‘5am yesterday morning getting ready to go away for work for a while, everyone was in bed apart from this little one…She knew. wouldn’t leave me side.’

She then continued to tug on our heartstrings by writing my love, my Phebs with heart emojis and everything.

If this is hard though, the 28-year-old is leaving for Kenya in January 2016, where she’ll be filming her part for BBC drama Our Girl all those 6,000 miles away.

Since Jenna Coleman announced that she had left the Tardis as Doctor Who’s assistant, Michelle’s become the favourite to take up her role too. Could we see Mich exterminating some Daleks soon?!

With both a gorgeous Mark Wright and a gorgeous puppy at home, we don’t know how Michelle Keegan EVER leaves home for work!

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