Now columnist Michelle Keegan shares her festival style

Going to a festival and want to look hot? Michelle Keegan talks Now through her top style tips.

‘I love festivals because they just say summer to me,’ she says.

‘I go with all my mates, we listen to the music, drink and camp outside for a night.’

Even though it’s likely Michelle has spent lots of time kipping in swanky hotel rooms as she travels about for work, she’s had some very happy times under canvas.

‘One of my favourite memories is the first time I went to the V Festival – we’d all pitched our tents together in a circle and we put a big rug in the middle of them where we could sit,’ she explains.

‘When we got back at night our rug had disappeared and someone shouted: “We’ve nicked your carpet!” It was so funny.

‘I’m looking forward to going back to V at Weston Park again this year.’

Hot Michelle Keegan considers her festival outfits carefully and manages to create looks that are both practical and stylish.

Distressed denim shorts are a staple in Michelle’s overnight bag because they’re comfy enough to dance in and great for sunny spells.

She likes to team her hot pants with a sleeveless shirt for an effortlessly cool vibe.

Actress Michelle Keegan has really long hair which can get in her way as she busts moves to her favourite bands.

She ties a brightly coloured ribbon in her mane to keep her locks off her face.

Not just practical, a hot hair accessory also offers an easy way to give any outfit a boho twist.

Although she’s often snapped rocking high heels on the red carpet, Michelle favours flats at festivals.

Wellies are Michelle’s footwear of choice because they’ll provide protect from rain and mud.

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