Michelle Williams worries that history will repeat itself

It’s been the shock split of the year so far.

And now friends have revealed the real reason behind Michelle Williams and comedian Jason Segel‘s unexpected break-up: she was worried about his boozing.

Sources close to the 32-year-old actress say: ‘Michelle was scared of a repeat of what happened to her ex Heath Ledger [who tragically died from an accidental prescription pill overdose in 2008].

‘When they got together, Jason admitted he likes a drink.

‘Although he doesn’t have an alcohol problem, she was worried.

‘Michelle couldn’t face supporting another man through his problems.’

Michelle – who has a daughter Matilda, seven, by Heath – encouraged Jason, 33, to quit alcohol during their year-long relationship.

Last summer he revealed he was taking a break from boozing but said he wouldn’t commit to being teetotal for ever, admitting: ‘I f*cking love to drink but I’m not really capable of moderating.’

Read more about Michelle Williams and Jason Segel in Now magazine dated 8 April 2013 – out now!

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