Actor blames himself for years in movie wilderness

Mickey Rourke says he felt ashamed with himself when his movie career stalled in the 1990s.

The actor saw his A-list status disappear and film offers dry up after he took a break to try his hand at boxing.

And he’s still struggling with his guilt.

‘When you used to be a somebody and you aren’t anybody any more, you live in what my doctor calls a state of shame,’ Mickey says.

‘It’s when you had a career, then you mess up and you don’t have a career any more – and it’s all your fault.

‘Hollywood is a very unforgiving place. And I was in LA, where you’re reminded every day of it. You’ll be buying cigarettes and there will be a line of people and some jerk is going: “Hey, didn’t you used to be in the movies? What happened?”‘

Mickey, 52, who has just won a Golden Globe for The Wrestler, says he’s now savouring his comeback.

‘Before I got to the top of the mountain I jumped off head first,’ he tells The Sun. ‘I had a lot of lessons to learn the hard way.

‘I thought I’d get back in after a year or 2, but the struggle to come back has been longer than 15 years.

‘My grandmother always said: “God has a plan for all of us.” I should have went along with his, not mine. My plan sucked.’