Find out the gender of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's baby, plus why their romance is 16 years in the making

Mila Kunis has finally given birth after
what seems like a pregnancy that lasted forever. The 30-year-old actress and
her former That ‘70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher welcomed a girl, whose name is
so far unknown, after first locking lips when Mila was just a teenager.

Although the smooch was only for the comedy
programme they both worked on, their love has been a long time in the making
after Mila was with fellow thespian Macaulay Culkin for over eight years and
Ashton, 36, was previously hitched to Demi Moore for six years.

Their bundle of joy came along on Tuesday
night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, where practically every celeb
baby is born nowadays, and sources told People magazine that the child is ‘here and

Prior to Ashton becoming a parent his Two
And A Half Men
co-star Jon Cryer shared how ‘excited’ the father-to-be was, and
a tweet last month from Ashton proved he had butterflies.

‘Nervous is excited’s victim sister,’ he posted, a sentiment
many of his followers retweeted and favourited.

Mila would have been overjoyed too as their
little one arrived on time and around Jewish New Year. TMZ reports that the
pair arrived at the hospital by themselves at 6am that day with no massive entourage and Mila had previsouly said she wanted a naturla birth. That’s N.O. to an epidural.

The couple’s engaged to be married and we can’t wait until they
finally say ‘I do’.

Check out the new mum and dad’s love timeline:

1998-2006: They met on set as they played Kelso and Jackie on
That ‘70s Show with Mila enjoying her first kiss in real life in front of the
cameras with Ashton.

2011: Ashton separated from Demi Moore and Mila parted ways from
Macaulay. The former co-stars then were seen hanging out with each other on a
number of occasions. 

2012: In September they were spotted getting tactile while
donning matching American football gear. By this point they had been rumoured
to be officially dating since April after she supported him at the wrap party
for his movie Jobs.

2013: The lovebirds made us squeal as they took a trip to London
in May and held hands while they were walking down the street. Aw!

By August they really had taken their romance worldwide as the
holidayed in Beijing and played tourists at the Great Wall of China.

In October she denied she was engaged after a ring was spotted
on THAT finger. 

In November, Ashton’s divorce from Demi was finalised and he
shared a Twitpic of himself giving Mila a peck on the lips. Oooh!

2014: Mila and Ashton‘s engagement was revealed in February and
by March they shared they were expecting. She admitted that she never wanted to
wed but changed her mind when she fell for Ashton. How sweet!

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