Miley Cyrus hides her heartache with exercise

Miley Cyrus may have finally toned down her tongue twirling and butt twerking antics.

But Now hears the 20-year-old star’s substituted them with a new addiction: an obsessive’ late-night fitness regime.

Miley‘s obsession with being thin has gone totally over the top,’ says a pal.

She’s finding it hard to sleep since splitting from Liam Hemsworth and only a rigorous workout gets her to the point of exhaustion that she can nod off.

She even sets her alarm so she can hit the treadmill and cross trainer at 3am.

She’ll work out for 45 minutes, then do 15 minutes of deep breathing and yoga-style stretches to wind down, have a hot shower and then go back to bed for another four hours’ sleep.

Everyone’s worried she’s taking it too far and she’s using it to get her mind off Liam. She needs to deal with her heartache, not hide it.’

The fact Liam, 23, already seems to have moved on with Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez, 23, will have probably added to her pain.

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