Hannah Montana star says it was all a fuss over nothing


Miley Cyrus has denied rumours that she’s gay.

The slurs began after snaps of her and a female friend began circulating on the web last December.

The pictures show the 15-year-old Hannah Montana star and a friend almost kissing as they share a sweet.

‘I was like, that’s two girls, it’s not a big deal,’ she tells Vanity Fair.

‘It was on my MySpace account, but got spread around. [But] it didn’t affect me.’

Miley also defends the controversial photograph of her taken by Annie Liebovitz, in which she poses topless with a blanket held over her.

‘I think it’s really arty. It wasn’t [done] in a skanky way. And you can’t say no to Annie.’

Earlier this month photos of a girl posing in lacy knickers, said to be Miley, also caused a storm.

Rossanne Spencer