Twerking singer approves of 1D star

Miley Cyrus was very impressed by Harry Styles‘ impersonation of her at Halloween.

The One Direction heartthrob, 19, donned a pair of nude latex shorts, wore his hair in bunches and held a foam finger to recreate Miley’s raunchy look from the MTV VMAs.

Her skimpy outfit was a popular choice with many celebs – including Paris Hilton and Joan Rivers – but Miley was particularly fond of Harry’s nearly-naked get-up.

I think Harry might have been one of my favourites,’ says Miley, 20.

Those shorts were very revealing. Much more revealing and aggressive than my costume; I’m just saying!

I told him he could have the ‘OG’ foam finger, but he was in Tokyo.’

Miley celebrated the spooky holiday at Hollywood club Bootsy Bellows and was stunned by how many partygoers had dressed as her.

I went out and I was standing on the couch looking over the whole crowd and I saw a million people as me,’ the Wrecking Ball singer tells Ryan Seacrest‘s radio show.

That definitely says something if someone looks at it and knows. It’s that memorable – I think that’s really crazy.’

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Anna Francis