Rumours are spreading that the couple have taken things up a notch... AGAIN

Every month there’s a new Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth revelation – in December, they’re back together; in January, they’re moving in with each other; in February, they’re (reportedly) married in a secret ceremony!

Now the latest rumours are claiming that the Wrecking Ball singer is PREGNANT!

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Australian magazine NW has even claimed that she’s having a baby boy, due in August, with a source telling the publication: ‘[Liam] is over the moon. His very own little surfer dude! They feel very blessed. It’s a dream come true.’


The singer seems to have chucked in her trademark revealing outfits in exchange for some more figure-concealing clothing like big, baggy jumpers, if her Instagram is anything to go by.

Aloha mother fuckers

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Liam Hemsworth, on the other hand, has gotten broody over his brothers’ kids in the past. Speaking to Jay Leno, he said: ‘I love my brothers’ kids. It’s funny. As an uncle, you become so protective of them. When I go away and I shoot something, I want to see photos of them. It’s a beautiful thing.’

That is far too cute.

And we all know about Miley Cyrus’ protective, maternal side as well. She recently adopted a collection of rescue animals and her house seems to have more animals in it than a zoo.

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The couple are very close by all accounts – she even bought a house NEXT to Liam’s Malibu, California place, with a private walkway between the two – but we’ll just have to wait and see if a mini-Cyrus-Hemsworth is really on the way.

If so, it’s just as the old playground taunt told us: Liam and Miley, sitting in a tree, KISSING: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby’s carriage?