Big or small your boobs could hold the key to your personality

celebrities lead, us mere mortals tend to follow. And the red carpet has seen
an explosion of boob baring looks of late, so it’s only a matter of time until
it filters down to the high street.

are typically very affectionate about their ‘girls’ and with celebs like Miley Cyrus,
Rihanna and Kim Kardashian constantly revealing them in racy outfits it gives us all a chance to compare and discuss.

All this
breast-baring means we can get a closer look at the different shapes and sizes on
display. And, let’s face it, it’s not just men who are obsessed with women’s

The new-age sounding practice of Sternomancy is the art of telling the character and personality of a woman by
studying her breasts.

It began in Spain a couple of centuries ago. We speak to celebrated psychic and expert in the art of rumpology Sandra Amos to get her
perspective on the burning question: What do YOUR boobs say about you?

She tells Now: ‘You can tell what someone’s personality will be like from looking at their breasts, it’s just like any other
part of the body, its got an energy. People who are overweight with big
breasts can be larger than life and once they lose weight that affects both
their breast size and their personality.

‘It’s the same with people
with breast implants if they get an enlargement they gain confidence and
that affects their personality.’

Boob type: Small

Sandra says: ‘Women with small boobs like Miley Cyrus are very conscious of
themselves, they’re probably trying to find themselves and tend to focus on different parts of
their body to show off.’

We know Miley has no problem showing off any part of her body.’The breasts can also give clues to a woman’s sexual personality and women with small breasts tend to be open-minded,’ added Sandra.

Boob type: Big and

Women with big breasts like Celebrity Big Brother‘s Casey Batchelor are often stereotyped as bubbly and up for anything – and Sandra agrees big chested women ‘tend to be more confident and fun’.

Casey however says her large chest made her insecure and recently had a breast reduction because she felt her boobs attracted the wrong sort of man! Nothing to do with the glamour model career…?

Boob type: Round and perfectly pert 

Sandra says someone like Gwyneth
‘s round and pert breasts suggest she is ‘level headed, family orientated, serious about work and their jobs.’ She adds: ‘Their relationships in the bedrooom is exciting but not dare devilish.’

While Gwyneth is seen as a bit of an ice queen she once gave a friend the following advice on how to resolve an argument: ‘Whatever you’re doing just do the opposite, just go at him with love and give him a blow job.’

Boob type: Pear shaped and powerful

Sandra says: ‘If your breasts are anything like Beyonce‘s you’re
outgoing, openminded and confident in all areas, as well as hardworking and forward

Well they don’t call her Queen Bey for nothing.

Boob type: Curvaceous and tight

Sandra says: ‘The personality that goes with this breast shape is very confident on the outside but not on the inside, they are all bravado.

‘They are very aware the effect
they have on men and women. As well as being short tempered, they overanalyse
themselves more than anything and are not very trusting.’

Kim Kardashian loves to show off her boobs in plunging tops. She told GQ magazine: ‘My husband Kanye and I have
an amazing sex life… So far as the sex tape is concerned…if we have it’s never something I want to go public.’

Boob type: Erect nipples

Now columnist Katie Price is famous for her fake boobs, often complete with very visible nipples.

Sandra says: ‘Women with prominent nipples tend to be
very business minded, take risks, feel the fear and do it anyway. In a
relationship they go for bad boys and sexually interesting role play.’

‘They are great in bed
and also love being
on top of men during sex. If you want someone who is very generous, this is the
type of woman you should go for.’

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Donna McConnell