Professor Green's wife is claustrophobic

Millie Mackintosh struggles to cope if she has to get the Tube.

The former Made In Chelsea star, who is married to rapper Professor Green, suffers from claustrophobia and admits that she’ll cry if she ends up in a cramped place.

‘I am really claustrophobic and I hate being stuck in confined or enclosed spaces,’ says Millie, 25.

‘I am a terrible flyer and I can’t stand being underwater or being on the London Underground; it reduces me to tears.’

Despite her phobia, Millie Mackintosh loves to travel and regularly goes on trips with hubby Professor Green.

But the reality star’s fear of being stuck in a tight spot means that using the Eurostar to go abroad isn’t really an option.

‘I have been in the Channel Tunnel before,’ Millie tells Event.

‘But even thinking about being in that tunnel for 25 minutes brings me out in a cold sweat.’

Millie often embarked on exciting getaways on screen when she was a member of the Made In Chelsea cast.

The pretty star first appeared on the structured reality show when the debut series aired back in 2011. She remained a regular face until she bowed out in the fifth season two years later.

Since leaving the programme Millie Mackintosh has found success on her own, having worked with make-up brands and launched her own clothing line.

She also married Professor Green in September 2013 after dating for nearly two years.

Millie and Pro – real name Stephen Manderson – enjoy many holidays together. Maybe Millie’s claustrophobia isn’t quite so bad when she’s got her hubby by her side.

Over the summer she headed off to Spain for a break in the sun and looked pretty relaxed as she posed for an Instagram picture before her flight.

‘#ibizabound,’ she captioned the photo.

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