Actress considering her options

Minnie Driver is considering having a water birth.

The actress is due to have a baby in August and friends say she’s been looking into different delivery methods.

‘She’s thinking about using a birthing pool and has been speaking about all the different places that it could go in her house,’ a pal reveals.

But Minnie, who once dated Matt Damon, isn’t sure whether to give birth in England or the States.

‘Minnie’s facing a real dilemma,’ a source tells

‘She has become very attached to America. A big part of her would be very happy to have her child there as it’s her adopted home.

‘But equally, she has a strong emotional attachment to England, and likes the ideas of her baby being born a proper Brit. She’s not sure what to do.’

Minnie, 38, is yet to reveal who the dad is. She denies it is musician Craig Zolezzi.

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