Orlando Bloom's wife shows off their new baby son

Miranda Kerr has posted a photo of herself breastfeeding newborn baby son Flynn on her beauty blog. 

The wife of film star Orlando Bloom, 33, smiles at the camera as the the couple’s ‘darling little man’ suckles.

‘We are so happy,’ lingerie model Miranda, 27, writes on her Kora Organics website.

‘He is our little ray of sunshine.

‘He weighed 9lb 12oz (a very healthy and big baby boy).

‘I gave birth to him naturally; without any pain medication and it was a long, arduous and difficult labour, but Orlando was with me the whole time supporting and guiding me through it.

‘I could not have done it without him.’

The gorgeous mother and baby shot is charming and has surprisingly caused controversy and criticism because Miranda‘s breast is clearly on show.

But the Royal College Of Midwives gives the lingerie model its full support.

‘Many women feel awkward about breastfeeding in public these days,’ says a spokesman.

‘But when people see a celebrity nursing their baby, it helps change that.’

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