After Twitter goes into meltdown, James 'Arg' Argent says broken phone to blame, but that doesn't explain his missing hours


The TOWIE cast was in turmoil last night as everyone’s favourite star, James ‘Arg’ Argent was reported missing. By the police and everything.

But don’t worry folks, it turns out his phone was just broken. We’ve all been there.

Clearly oblivious to the international man hunt/Twitter meltdown he had sparked, lovable Arg, 26, simply had a mobile malfunction while Essex sobbed and panicked, causing streaky fake tans everywhere.

He eventually tweeted: ‘I’m so sorry to have worried everyone. I’m fine and safe but again can’t apologise enough x’

So, where did the #FindArg campaign start?

The alarm was first raised after Arg failed to turn up to Gatwick airport on Friday morning (29 August), where he was due to meet his agent, Neil Dobias, to board a flight to Majorca for work.

Neil, who popped in to the Now offices just this week with the very sexy Dan Osborne (sorry, we’re getting distracted. Back to Arg and the Case of the Broken Phone).

Last night a distraught Neil said: James Argent left home at 3am on Friday morning to meet his agent at the airport to catch a flight for work abroad. When he failed to turn up, he was reported missing by his family who are understandably concerned.’

Arg, 26, was last seen at around 3am on the morning of Friday, 29 August at his home in Woodford Green.

Before news broke that Arg had been found safe and well, police confirmed he had not made any contact with his friends or family since his disappearance and Metropolitan police officers were concerned for his wellbeing’.

All sorts of conspiracies exploded on the web, with some looking for sinister signs in Arg’s last tweet on 28 August to ex Lydia Bright, which said: I really miss my old pal @LydiaRoseBright will you hurry up and get back from Italy ASAP! #Needy x

What could it mean??

The whole of TOWIE also joined in the Twitter appeal to find Arg, with Sam Faiers posting: We’re all worried come home @RealJamesArgent xxx’.

Fortunately, before someone managed to call the A-Team/the entire Avengers Assemble cast and Benedict Cumberbatch (because Sherlock’s not real, but the others are, obv) to get them on the case, Arg did what every good boy and Extraterrestrial should do and phoned home. Phew. Emergency averted.

He is now on his way to Blackpool. We don’t know why he missed his flight to Majorca to go there instead (no offence, Blackpool).

We can only assume they have better one-penny slot machines. But that doesn’t explain just where you were all those hours.

Still, good to have you back, Arg. We’ll get back to getting on with our Saturdays now.

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