Amy Winehouse's dad thinks the couple can beat their problems

Amy Winehouse‘s dad believes that she and husband Blake Fielder-Civil can quit drugs and live happily every after.

‘I do believe love can conquer all – I think they can have a happy ending,’ he insists. ‘But Blake introduced Amy to hard drugs, everyone in the world knows that – apart from Blake’s mum and dad.

‘He has made a good effort in prison, but I don’t think he’s clean now. When Blake comes out he needs to, and will go straight into rehab.’

Mitch wants his daughter to quit fags as well as drugs because she has a small amount of emphysema in one of her lungs.

‘It could lead to something a lot more serious,’ Mitch tells Sky News. ‘I want people to understand that even if they give her one cigarette, they’re causing her harm.’

Fans are desperate for Amy, 24, to come up with some new material so she’s now planning to quit performing in a couple of months.

‘From 6 September, Amy will be concentrating on writing for the new album,’ says her father. ‘She has 5 gigs to do, then she will be relaxing.’