Late singer's dad insists he did everything he could to prevent her death

Mitch Winehouse has spoken about trying desperately to steer tragic Amy Winehouse away from the path of self-destruction before her untimely death last year at the age of 27.

The Back To Black singer’s dad believes her family couldn’t have done any more to help her beat her drink and drug addictions – short of using brute force.

‘We did everything we could, other than kidnapping her and locking her in a room,’ says Mitch.

‘You can’t do that. 

‘Even if it worked and she didn’t take drugs or alcohol for a few weeks, she’d be a raving lunatic by the time she got out.’

Mitch admits the support he received from professionals before Amy’s death from alcohol poisoning left him feeling hopeless.

‘I met a group of experts and they ended up arguing with each other around the table about the best way to deal with it,’ he tells the Metro.

‘You think you’re on your own.

‘The best advice I got was from a family group – you realise there are thousands of families going through the same thing every day.’

Mitch’s book Amy, My Daughter is out now.

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