Harrods owner gives singer huge discount on household goodies


Lily Allen had a helping hand when it came to setting up her new home – from Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed.

The singer is close to his daughter Camilla and she opened his Christmas sale last year.

‘Lily’s flat is lovely, but it helps when you’ve got friends in high places,’ says an insider. ‘When she told Camilla she was moving into her new place she jumped into action and asked her dad if he could help Lily out.

‘Of course he said yes. Not all of it was free, but he gave Lily a massive discount. She picked up things like washing machines and dishwashers to make her house completely top-of-the-range.’

And Mohamed, 75, is said to be a huge fan of Lily, 23.

‘He really likes Lily,’ the source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘They met when she opened the Harrods sale and got on like a house on fire.

‘He is always very generous with his friends.’