Looks like things are getting rather steamy!

They’ve been paired up for only a matter of weeks, but rumours are already circulating that Mollie King and her dance partner AJ Pritchard are enjoying a budding romance behind the scenes of Strictly Come Dancing

And the unfathomably gorgeous pair are doing nothing to quash those whispers, with The Saturdays star Mollie sharing a string of selfies of them together that have fanned the rumoured relationship flames.

One snap shows the pair in a steamy clinch as they practise the tango they will perform on this weekend’s instalment of the BBC show.

Rehearsal MANIA! #TangoTime

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The shot shows Mollie lying back at full stretch as AJ wraps his strong arms around her in the kind of passionate embrace that the dance demands.

Another picture – which Mollie said made them look like ‘guests at a wedding’  saw the blonde babe wearing a white dress and snuggling up to suited and booted AJ, who pulled her close to him by slipping an arm around her waist.

The snaps soon got fans commenting, with one writing: ‘Gorgeous couple ❤️❤️❤️’

Another posted: ‘You guys look pretty amazing together!👌💃’

A third said: ‘Please get married!! 😍😍’

When you're filming #ItTakesTwo and realise you look like guests at a wedding 🤣🍾 …Another amazing day, learning more about the Tango and trying my absolute best to get the hang of it. There's still a long way to go but I'm up for the challenge and loving every minute. #Strictly #Tango #ItTakesTwo @aj11ace

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The adorable young pair quickly won over viewers on the first live show of the 2017 series, scoring an impressive score of 23 with their feisty jive. 

But it seems what fans really want to know is whether or not romance is blossoming between the duo, who have an age gap of eight years.

And it appears that neither Mollie, 30 nor AJ, 22, are making any attempt to quash the rumours of a Strictly romance.

When asked after the live show whether he and Mollie were also a couple outside of the ballroom, AJ simply said, ‘That question will have to stay on everyone’s lips!’

But he was quick to show his admiration of his singer partner, saying: ‘She is gorgeous and has the sexiest bum on the show.’

The couple have spent time rehearsing intensely for Strictly’s live shows over the past three weeks, regularly posting updates on their sessions on their respective social media accounts.

And clearly, the couple are getting on like a house on fire too. AJ confessed: ‘Time flies when we are together. We are always laughing. We are spending so much time together. We are training eight hours a day – our bond can only get stronger.’

He continued: ‘It was such a relief to get Mollie as it’s not good if you don’t get along with your partner. For me it’s a dream come true.’

AJ and Mollie continued to fuel romance rumours after Saturday’s live show too, as they headed out to enjoy a night on the town together, partying at top London club Gilgamesh into the wee hours of the night.

From our sister site Woman & Home. Words by Amy Hunt.