Some fans accused Molly of cultural appropriation

Love Island mega star Molly-Mae Hague seriously offended heaps of her followers when she shared a snapshot of the costume she wore for Halloween.


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The reality babe, who rose to fame when she entered the 2019 Love Island villa, posted a photo of her outfit for her 3.5 million followers to see.

Pouting for the camera, the social media influencer showed off her Cleopatra outfit, wearing a sleek black wig with a golden fringed head piece along with bold black make up all while clutching a golden staff

While some loved the look, others slammed Molly for appropriating Egyptian culture.


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Please don’t use someone else’s culture as your costume. Come on, it’s 2019,’ pleaded one.

No sweetie no no – cultural appropriation is not on trend,’ added another, while a third wrote, ‘Cultural appropriation? I’m not happy.’

My culture is not your Halloween costume,’ added a fourth.

Yes, this is cultural appropriation, you are not Egyptian and therefore have no right to use their culture for your own purposes, how very wrong of you,’ one more comment read.

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Blue babyy

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Meanwhile, more of Molly’s followers hit back at the claims, disagreeing entirely and insisting there is nothing wrong with the costume.

Cultural appropriation??? Are you people mad? 😂😂😂 this is ANCIENT Egypt, I honestly don’t think the pharaohs who’ve been dead for a millennium will give a F. 🤣 Get a grip,’ added one.

It’s just fancy dress. Have a day off,’ chipped in another.

A third then explained, ‘I am an Egyptian and I don’t find this costume offensive in anyway, on the contrary we love to see our culture and history being cherished and shown and admired by other people from other cultures, great costume molly you look awesome ❤️❤️.’