Ex TOWIE star Sam Faiers has a new man and things are hotting up fast!

Anyone who thought ex TOWIE stars Sam Faiers and Joey
would reunite again are in for a disappointment.

Whilst we know he’s
been getting close to Reem Mesha, who he met in Dubai, it turns out Sam has got a
new man of her own! And they’re apparently
besotted with each other.

She’s reportedly been dating Paul Day, a businessman and property
developer from Essex, for three months. She’s done a mighty good job of keeping
him out of the spotlight!

what you need to know about their relationship so far:

1. Things
are hotting up


and Paul met at Sheesh restaurant in Essex last year and apparently hit it off
instantly, before finally getting together in November. ‘Sam is head-over-heels
in love,’ a source says. ‘And he’s fallen pretty hard for her, too.’ Paul was
Sam‘s date to her Lashes launch party in January, too. 

2. He’s not interested in her fame
is not on social media and is
quite shy, according to a source, who reckons he’s more mature than Joey,
adding: ‘He’s not a big drinker. He is just a genuine, down-to-earth guy.’

3. He’s been spoiling her

While the romance in still in
the early stages, Paul recently whisked her away on holiday to Dubai, where Sam
Instagramed pictures of her beaming in the sun and saying she ‘didn’t want to
come home.’ We don’t blame her!

4. He’s already in with the Faiers family
s stepdad David Chatwood
is so taken with 26-year-old Paul, he has even started referring to him as his ‘future

Sam plans to take Paul to her sister Billie‘s wedding to Greg
Shepherd in April. Greg has even been joking that his future sister-in-law and
her new man will be walking down the aisle before them at the rate they’re
going. Aw, congrats Sam!

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Scarlett Russell