Guy grits his teeth for the sake of the kids - but his feelings haven't changed


When Guy Ritchie headed out to New York to meet up with his wife Madonna 2 weeks ago, it seemed as though there might be a glimmer of hope for their collapsed marriage.

But despite reports he’d rushed to her side for a last-ditch attempt to save the relationship, nothing could be further from the truth.

Rather than becoming the touching reunion it could’ve been, Guy, 39, was forced to wait for 5 hours for his wife to return from rehearsals after he touched down in New York on Monday 30 June.

He was then obliged to take part in a stiff photo opportunity at Italian restaurant Cesca, arranged by Madonna, 49, to show the world they’re still a couple.

‘It was obvious from their awkward body language that they’re far from close,’ a friend tells Now . ‘They were holding hands, but there was no affection and the atmosphere was frosty.

‘Guy went to New York for one reason and one reason only: the children – Lourdes, 11, Rocco, 7, and adopted David Banda, two. He wanted to see them and is frantic that he’ll lose out with any split.

‘He wants to make sure he sees as much of them as possible in any custody arrangement. Guy’s sick to the stomach with the way Madonna is even running their break-up to a tight, well-organised schedule he’s expected to just fit into. It wasn’t easy for him to swallow his true feelings in front of the world’s cameras, but there’s more at stake than his pride.’

Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg said after Guy arrived in the US: ‘Madonna’s husband Guy arrived in New York last night to be with his wife and family – not in a last-ditch attempt to save his marriage, which does not need saving. There are no plans for Madonna and Guy to divorce.’

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