Morgan Freeman getting his cookies and leaving really is all of us

After more than 50 years starring in big budget, highly-revered films, you can imagine that Morgan Freeman has been to his fair share of awards shows – so who’s to blame him for being more eager nowadays to hurry on home instead of hanging around?

And that’s exactly what he did at Oscars 2016 – but not before he got his hands on some of Chris Rock‘s cookies…

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To set the scene: Morgan was on stage at Sunday night’s bash to present the award for Best Picture – it went to Spotlight, the intense flick about a group of journalists cracking a child sex abuse case.

After the cast and crew came on stage for their crowning moment, Morgan stepped to the side as the host, comedian Chris Rock, wrapped up the night with some closing remarks.

Morgan, 78, catches sight of a packet of ‘Girl Scout Cookies’ in Chris’ hand – Chris passed them around earlier in the evening and clearly there were some going spare…and Morgan wanted in on the action.

Morgan Freeman and Michael Keaton, just chillin', getting some snacks

Morgan Freeman and Michael Keaton, just chillin’, getting some snacks

(Birdman actor Michael Keaton was intrigued too.)

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After eyeing up the sugary snacks for a couple of seconds, the Shawshank Redemption actor dove straight into the packet and grabbed himself a couple of biccies. But rather than waiting until later, perhaps for a cup of tea to enjoy them with, he stuffs BOTH into his mouth, live on stage.

Morgan Freeman eating cookies Oscars

And then, once those cookies are safely in his mouth, Morgan makes a prompt exit, stage right:

Morgan Freeman Oscars exit

Morgan Freeman, we salute you.

Morgan Freeman I'm the Boss GIF