Gloomy singer loves the contest

Mancunian singer Morrissey could be behind Britain’s next Eurovision entry.

The former Smiths frontman, who made his name with hits including Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now and This Charming Man, has admitted to secretly being a massive fan of the music cheese-fest that made the likes of Abba and Bucks Fizz famous.

And the BBC has confirmed they are in talks with the highbrow singer about penning an entry for the competition.

Last year Morrissey confessed his love for the Eurovision Song Contest after Daz Sampson’s attempt to bring Britain glory backfired. He said: ‘There’s a question I keep asking myself – why didn’t they ask me? It keeps going round in my head.’

After a series of Eurovision disasters, the BBC are also set to revamp their presentation of the awards.

Let’s hope they still hang on to Terry Wogan – it just wouldn’t be the same without the legend’s sarcastic comments.

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