Chrissy's reaction to a slightly bizarre moment has gone viral

The Oscars is never without its awks moments and this year provided a pretty big one…

A skit involving American actress Stacey Dash didn’t go down too well with the audience, especially model Chrissy Teigen whose reaction to it has gone viral after she pulled the most amazing face.


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Pregnant Chrissy, 30, was seen visibly cringing when Stacey – best known for her role in the movie Clueless as well as a cameo in Kanye West‘s All Falls Down video – appeared on stage and poked fun at the recent race row that plagued the ceremony.

Stacey has previously aired very controversial conservative views and has spoken out about abolishing Black History Month, as well as saying that she thought talk of boycotting the Oscars was ’ludicrous’ because it ‘encourages segregation’.

So it was all slightly bizarre when host Chris Rock jokingly introduced Stacey, 49, as ‘director of our minority outreach program’.

She then strolled onto the stage and giggled: ‘I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month! Thank you.’

And then she walked off, followed by a half-hearted slow round of applause from the audience. #Awks

Chrissy, wife of singer John Legend, was clearly uncomfortable about the strange sketch and let her feeling show on her face.

Viewers were equally baffled and many borrowed the model’s expression to make their reactions clear.

Despite some initial confusion over what exactly Chrissy was gurning at, the lady herself took to Twitter after seeing that her cringing expression had gone viral and explained it all.

‘I was making the face from the Stacey Dash moment ahhhhhhh not Sarah!’ she said.

It looks like Chrissy wasn’t the only one confused by the whole thing.

Chrissy and Twitter weren’t the only ones to have a strong reaction to the uncomfortable skit though. Check out The Weeknd‘s face…

So. Much. Awkwardness.

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Watch the moment unfold below:

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