From being at the birth to nappy changes and night feeds, Fifty Shades Of Grey's Jamie Dornan is loving every minute of fatherhood - swoon!

Is there anything sexier than a man who loves looking after his kids? Seeing a masculine guy being all sensitive and doting on his little ones might just be one of the hottest things, like, ever.

David Beckham has always set the precedent pretty high for fathers everywhere but we think there’s a new fit dad on the block – step forward Fifty Shades of Grey heartthrob Jamie Dornan!

Jamie, 32, became a dad when his wife Amelia Warner gave birth to their daughter Dulcie in November 2013. They’ve always kept their family life private but Jamie hasn’t held back when it comes to discussing how much he loves fatherhood – aw!

Right from the very beginning the actor was very hands-on and supported Amelia during her labour.

‘I was very much there for the birth; it’s a mad situation!’ says Jamie. ‘My father [Jim, an obstetrician] has delivered over 6,000 babies, my stepmother’s an obstetrician gynaecologist and I’ve been around a lot of baby talk in my life.

‘But still, nothing actually prepares you. I hope I’m a good dad. It’s the most joyous thing imaginable. It’s totally changed our lives but only for the positive.’

Too. Cute.

Jamie, who is determined to protect little Dulcie and won’t allow photographers of her published, loves being a parent so much that it annoys him when some mums and dads only discuss the dreaded sleepless nights and more challenging aspects of having a baby.

‘People are so f***ing down about having kids – in those early months when people are saying, “Say goodbye to sleep.” Well of course, you’ve got a baby!’ the doting dad explains.

‘I was discouraged by people’s attitude so it was refreshing when we occasionally met people who said, “It’s the best thing, you’re going to love it.” I saw a pregnant friend the other night and I was like, “Embrace it! Don’t listen to all the people who are down on it, because it’s only good”.’

Even nappy changing and getting up in the middle of the night can’t deter Jamie‘s enthusiasm – swoon!

‘Before I had my daughter I changed my niece’s nappy on a horrific occasion in Hyde Park. And it was like more s**t than I’d ever seen in my life,’ says Jamie.

‘I was with my wife, who wasn’t my wife at the time, and it was quite early on in the relationship. I was like, “I’m not sure I could ever get used to this.” But you do, and you don’t even think about it.

‘Weirdly, I get enjoyment out of changing a nappy. I find it such a levelling thing. I don’t mind getting up in the middle of the night with her – although we’re lucky because she sleeps for 12 hours.’

Oh Jamie, could you be any more perfect? We’ve no doubt that Jamie will continue to be an amazing dad as Dulcie gets older. He’s already ruled out embarrassing his little girl in the future by introducing her to his first major movie, Fifty Shades Of Grey, where her dad gets naked as kinky businessman Christian Grey.

‘I really hope it’s not something I have to deal with,’ he jokes to Stylist.

‘She’s well entitled to see it at some stage. Certainly not for 17 years, but I doubt she’d want to. I am certainly not going to be putting a DVD in her stocking for Christmas. “Now’s your time, you’ve waited long enough…”‘

Yup, we think Jamie Dornan is definitely THE hottest dad in the world right now.

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