Inspirational campaigner and TV host Katie Piper is ready to start a new chapter of her life


While most mums-to-be are full of nerves at this stage of a pregnancy, Katie Piper appears calm, confident and feeling ‘euphoric’ about giving birth to her daughter in March…

So are there any hormone-induced diva strops she’s willing to ‘fess up to?

‘[Laughs] I’m not too bad!’ Katie, 30, tells us.

‘In the beginning I had the usual morning sickness.

‘But because I’ve been filming my new TV series Bodyshockers throughout the pregnancy, I’ve had to carry on as normal – it’s been a good distraction from the hormones.

‘I’ve been crying easily, though – I get more emotional…’

One TV show is guaranteed to get Katie blubbing. 

‘I watched One Born Every Minute the other day and cried my eyes out,’ she confesses.

‘It really got to me!’

Bodyshockers starts on Channel 4 at 10pm on 30 January

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